It’s been over five years that I’ve been sitting on this secret. A few of my closest friends know, although I normally bite my tongue in an effort to keep my secret and how meaningful it is for me. Up until this point I have kept this secret out of fear of being criticized, rejected, or not taken seriously. In hindsight I recognize that I carried an internal struggle with my own insecurities around inadequacy and feelings of paranoia wondering what people may say.

Secretly I’ve been working up the courage to find my voice and own my truth. I am coming out as a writer, an author, a storyteller, an advocate, and a beacon of light that gives hope in dark convoluted places. Challenging; scarcely begins to describe my journey and how I got to this place of openly professing that I am a writer and will share my story with the world.

After ten years of journaling with attempts to make sense of my path I decided to do something significant with a past I cannot erase. So, I will talk about it, tell it, write it, share my experience and my heart with others to connect with readers and writers who carry similar stories or just connect with those who value authenticity and real life issues, not the make believe facades that we are bombarded with daily in our new age of social media and reality TV.

This blog is a second attempt at stepping out into the deep waters of sharing The Life of Grace and breaking my silence. It is my new venture to publicly share my desire to feel courageous, liberated, creative, self-inspired and acknowledges my gratitude for GOD’s faithfulness, mercy and love.