To have Access means to approach or have the right of entry. As a believer we have the right of entry to stand before God. We have a special privilege that allows us access to God’s grace.

The Hebrew scriptures describe the history of Judaism as the Jews knowing God as one who was separate, distant, to whom they had no access. The stories illustrate God residing in the holy of holies with only the High Priest having access once a year. The Priest had to make sure he was cleansed and he completed all the necessary ceremonial practices that included offering the sacrifice before he could enter the presence of God. The Priest had to wear little bells on his robe as indicator that he was still alive. If the bells stopped tinkling the people knew the Priest was struck dead for coming into the holy of holies in an impure way.

Through our faith in Christ we have access. Yet, some of us are still distant. We hold off having an encounter or entering that place of intimacy; an intimacy of sweet fellowship with our God. When we fully grasp the privilege of having access, we can walk boldly before the throne of grace, and God knows who we are; our relationship has already been established by faith.

Imagine this: you are standing in a line trying to get into a concert that is no longer allowing admittance but because you have a relationship with the doorman you are given the privilege of admission.

Last week I was at an event where there were hundreds of people between where I was standing and the sectioned off area for special guests. I knew if I worked my way through the crowd I might see someone who could extend access to that special section where I would have a better view of the performance. As I began to press my way thru the crowd I was looking for a familiar face. Sure enough just when I approached the partition that separated the crowd from the designated area I saw a friend of mine. I said look at favor! My friend granted me access to a place where I really had no business being. In order for me to get to that place of privilege, I had to press through the crowd and walk by faith with hope that my relationship with people in certain places would grant me access to places where I may not have the credentials or authorization to be.

In this situation I was hopeful, and my hope was my motivation. Hope is the anticipation of what lies ahead. It is the confidence of our future. Our hope is inspired by our faith, and if God is faithful to those who are faithful, when we press our way to be in the presence of God we experience the privilege of His glory, and have access to grace.